The ups and downs of early spring

We've had a string of beautiful days and chilly nights. We hope to upgrade our greenhouse vents this week, as maintaing a comfortable tempertature in there means keeping a very close eye on things. It is certainly not an unpleasant chore, though, and I notice that every time Asher or I go to check the greenhouse we ended up spending quite a bit of time in there observing the seedlings grow. Time for observation is a great blessing.

 The wasps are out and seem to love the greenhouses and the yurt. However, it has still been frosty at night. It was only 29 degrees out when I woke up this morning! That means it is still a bit chilly on that morning outhouse walk.


Checking on the greenhouses 

bursting forth

I planted peas last week with the help of the farm dogs, Chloe and Bhogi, and it was great to get my hands in the dirt. I have also planted greens, radishes, beets, carrots, and a few herbs. Mostly we have been weeding beds, watching the weather be all over the place, and figuring our planting layout. We love the book Carrots Love Tomotoes by Louise Riotte, which is a great guide for companion planting and many wonderful tidbits of plant knowledge. I also swear by The Vegetable Gardener's Bible by Edward C. Smith which has tons of great information on about any vegetable you can think of. I bring both with me out into the field, along with my garden journal, where I *try* to keep notes on what we are doing. It is ever so helpful to reference last years notes.

What's going on in your garden these days?








Spring has arrived!


Finally the snow has cleared, the winds have switched to southerly's and the air is warm.

We're spending a lot of time in the greenhouses keeping our veggie and herb starts happy and green! They appreciate our attention to temperature and moisture.

While we were weeding the edges of the greenhouse the other day we found this guy hiding in some moist dirt.  He's the biggest salamander I've ever seen!

Everyone seems to be feeling the shift as we all find ourselves having more work to do than hours of sunlight. After a long winter spent mostly in the small circle of a yurt, I consider this one of life’s good problems. Happily at it again!


Catching up after we've gotten caught up!

A lot has happened this year and we've been so busy around the land that we haven't been blogging. So, as a quick re-cap: Dave made power happen and we're off of generators which is great because baby chicks hate noise and love heat lamps! The greenhouses all made it through an extremely windy and snow filled winter, hopefully we've seen the last of the snow. We made it through an extremely windy and snow filled winter in the yurt.  Thanks to our favorite, new to us, Fisher woodstove.  We've been eating yummy kale and spinach out of the greenhouse for several weeks now and we're pumped to be back on fresh greens.  As of today we have the seed greenhouse almost filled with popping seedlings, peas planted around the fence of the orchard and with every passing warm day we feel more secure that spring is here to stay. So to everyone out there on the interweb stay tuned, because this year's going to be a big one!!


What a start to fall!

We have had some great opportunities to attend local events recently.  In mid September, we had a booth at Bowdoinham day. We talked to people about CECLA, the farm, sold produce, and also had a great time with some kids activities. Here is Nick with the veggies:

And here I am ( Kate) talking to a few kids about butterflies. We brought caterpillars and a chrysalis which will be turning into a monarch. The caterpillars were great, and people of all ages were so interested in  them, and amazed at how beautiful they were.


CECLA at the Common Ground Fair!

The summer is coming to a close and we are stoked to be participating in the Common Ground Fair, in Unity Maine! This event is hosted by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. A crew of CECLA and Dancing Cricket folks will be staffing our table in the non-profit tent.  We hope to see you there this weekend.  Until then, check out this amazing event's website!