Dancing Cricket Farm Natural History Notes: Spring 2010

  • The bird list for the land is starting to build.  With habitats ranging from mature hardwood forest, hemlock forest, shrub and forested wetlands, reverting field, and of course open fields, we have very diverse habitats.  Rather than make a list here, you’re invited to come out on Saturday June 5th to help create the first comprehensive list by habitat.


  • Spring blooming wildflowers are mostly past at this point.  Highlights included painted trillium, jack-in-the pulpit, numerous violets, and many others.   Blooming now are the phlox, wild raisen, honeysuckle, and raspberries.
  • We’ll be working to control and eradicate invasive plants on our property.  So far, we’ve located an invasive species of honeysuckle, and multiflora rose, and have them in our sights.
  • From the looks of it, Baker Brook, which runs along the eastern property boundary, was impounded by a beaver dam up until a year or so ago.  Its in the interesting stage after the water drains where there is a flush of plant growth, that’s attractive to a large variety of terrestrial species of wildlife.  Its a place we'll be sure to visit on our nature walks.

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