Childrens Programs

 *Free to Public Schools within 1 hour drive


CECLA will work with or partner with all interested children’s camps, YMCA or scout organizations, elementary and middle schools for educational-based fun programs that will teach kids abou farming and ecology.  We emphasize a close connection with the resources and hands-on lessons in a safe and fun environment.

Our farmers come from a background in ecology, biology, environmental science and education. We are dedicated to providing a hands on, holistic learning experience. We offer your group of children the option of either visiting the farm or hosting us for a presentation where we bring the farm to you!  Visits can range from 1 to 6 hours depending on your needs. Each course is 30-45 minutes long and varies in detail depending upon the age group. Choose the courses that best suit your students.



1) Journey Back in Time: Geology & Natural History of Dancing Cricket Farm

           Go back in time and explore the history of our land! Maine was once underneath a giant glacier. After this, the ocean level rose up and filled many valleys with ocean water. What did that look like? What did it do to our soil? How does it affect where and how we grow our vegetables? Join us as we investigate the changes that happened over time and how our farm land came to be.

 2) Soil Building Methods for Healthy Plants

            Why is it important that we build our soil? Learn about many soil building methods practiced at Dancing Cricket Farm: composting, worms, hay and cardboard mulch, crop rotation and cover crops. What is a rabbit tractor?

 3) Watersheds & Water Life

            Discover what a watershed is and explore the reaches of our watershed, how our actions affect our water quality, and what we can all do to help. Take a close look at the creatures that live in our watershed.

 4) Insect Interactions

            Take a “permaculture” approach to harmful and beneficial insects. Understand their life cycle and what they like to eat. How do flowers help protect vegetables from being munched on by insects?

 5) Wildlife Around the Farm:

            Join us as we track our wild animals. Become a detective. What creatures live around Dancing Cricket Farm? Understand habitats, niches, and wildlife interactions.

 6) Weather & Cloud Formation

            We are constantly making decisions based on the weather. Learn about cloud formation and identification. Find out how our plants are directly affected by the weather, and learn some age old weather predicting methods.

 7) Farm Animals: Chickens and Rabbits

            Learn about our egg laying hens and our hard working rabbits. What do they eat? What is their life cycle? How are they kept healthy? Where did they come from and when did they get domesticated?

 8) Ecological Gardening

            Our vegetables are not the only organisms living on our farm. They are part of a large ecosystem. Learn what an ecosystem is. Are humans part of our ecosystem?

 9) Creating Outdoor Art:

            Have fun, get inspired by nature, and make some art! Get creative with materials from forests and fields around us. We will teach you how to responsibly and respectfully collect what you will need for our fun art projects.

 10) Traditional Farming/ Living methods

            Native Americans were mostly hunter gatherers, but some of them farmed this land hundreds and thousands of years ago. Over many years, they developed methods for farming and living that worked for them. Find out why it is valuable that we practice these methods today.


*Free to all public schools within 1 hour drive of Bowdoinham*


 To reserve a visit to Dancing Cricket Farm or to invite us to visit you, please contact Molly Gray, Education Director @ 207-656-2018.