How Can You Be a Part of CECLA's Efforts?

Help Support our Mission

CECLA is a non-profit organization.  We pride ourselves on running a simple operation with reasonable costs that are primarily generated from our small-scale farming operation and education programs.

As such, support from sponsorships and contributions from members are critical in helping us achieve our goals in providing a range of education opportunities and community programs.

Please consider becoming part of our community in one of the following ways:

  • Join - Please consider becoming a member of CECLA.
  • Donate - Donations will be used to support staff to run our various programs, and to help create and maintain infrastructure used for all aspects of our program.  Cash donations can be dedicated to our general budget, or targeted specifically to some item or project.  For example, you can donate money for a sitting bench along our trails, a shovel for the farm, a window (or a wall!) in our lodge, a visitor/staff yurt, and so on.  We'll recognize your contribution to your approval through signs, tags, newsletter, and other ways.
  • Volunteer - Your time is valuable, and we welcome an hour, a day, a weekend....we have projects going on constantly that would benefit from extra hands!
  • Bring Your Own Program - If you have a skill related to traditional living, health, ecology, music, and so on, and wish to share that with the CECLA community, please contact us to discuss getting in on our agenda and in our newsletter to publicize.