Our Mission

CECLA is dedicated to practicing, teaching and celebrating community-based ecological and cultural living arts.  Our mission is to research, apply, and demonstrate the skills and processes of sustainable living, through small-scale organic farming, multiple-resource management, and community-building through educational and cultural programs.

To meet this mission, CECLA has the following objectives:

  • Create a sustainable farming and land management model that strives for an optimally functioning ecological system on CECLA properties.  Components of environmental stewardship and multiple-resource management will emphasize biodiversity, and human infrastructure that maximizes use of sustainably produced and recycled materials.
  • Contribute to the understanding and advancement of sustainable ecology and land management arts and sciences, by:
    • Offering educational workshops and classes, and college internships;
    • Conducting and reporting research on land and resource ecology and management;
    • Providing professional assistance to other landowners; and,  
    • Providing tours and accommodating visitors.
  • Interact with, and contribute to, the broad community at the local, regional, and national levels, through in-house programs and through outreach.
  • Contribute to increased localization and resiliency in food production for the community and local food banks by producing high quality organic vegetables and herbs.
  • Establish linkage and partnerships with indigenous communities and farms in other areas of the world working to maintain sustainable living.
  • Build community by incorporating cultural activities that include music and other social activities to foster participation and community pride.