Our Land and Facilities

CECLA is headquartered in Edgecomb, Maine, on the Boothbay peninsula in the midcoast region.  The property abuts the 800-acre Schmid Preserve.

The habitats you'll see when you visit us include coniferous and deciduous forestland, reverting fields, active cropland, perennial and intermittent streams, and emergent, shrub, and forested wetlands.  Trees and shrubs that are valuable to wildlife are scattered all over the property, including apple trees, raspberry and blackberry bushes, wild raisin, lowbush blueberry, buckthorn, and hawthorne.

Our soils are productive, but like many soils in this part of Maine, are susceptible to erosion. As such, we work hard to plan our activities to avoid sedimentation into the many drainages and wetlands on our property.

On this land, CECLA is constructing our infrastructure of buildings, roads and paths, fields, with a commitment to sustainability, use of recycled materials, energy efficiency and independence, and importantly, sensitivity to the ecological resources on the land.